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Assessment of the Learning Management System (myClass) Adaptability of Angeles University Foundation Pharmacy Students.


Hann Glacelle  .  Changeoeo,
Louise Khate  V. Contreras,
Ma. Angelica  . Mangilit ,
Sheen Justin  Nellas ,
Rovie Ann  I. Tiglao

Publication Information

Publication Type
Research Project
March 1, 2019


Learning management systems are examples of integration of technology in the current education system. Recently, Angeles University Foundation (AUF) implemented myClass as a new LMS to all its tertiary students. In line with this, this study is focused on the assessment of adaptability of Pharmacy students of AUF with LMS (myClass). Data were gathered through self-administered questionnaire (SAO) in which a cross-sectional study design was employed. To analyze and describe the adaptability based on the 4 sub-scales on the use of LMS (myClass), frequency counts, mean score and percentage distribution were used. To determine the correlation of the gender to the overall adaptability of LMS, t-test was used. As for the age. Test of Ho and Spearman's tho were sed. Lastly, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and a Post-Hoc Test (Bonferroni) were used to analyze the year level. Results showed a mean score of 33 for the overall adaptability with LMS (myClass) of the Pharmacy students which was slightly above neutral. Furthermore gender does not have a significant relationship with the overall adaptability. Age and your level, conversely, have a statistically significant relationship with the overall adaptability. However, due to the low distribution of the third year level and age of all the respondents, makes the result practically insignificant. Success of implementing a new LMS does not happen overnight because it takes time, a lot of decision-making, and many more elements which reflect with the LMS (myClass) overall adaptability mean score of the respondents which is slightly above neutral.




1. Reiser, R. A, Dempsey, J. V. Trebds and issues in instructional design and technology. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson education, Inc., 2007.

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