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A descriptive study on Parasitic contamination of selected fresh vegetables sold at Pampang public market, Angeles City, Philippines.


Marienold Deniece  Fabian,
Dr. Adelwisa R. Ortega,
Angelica Dueñas,
Jivani Sahil,
Ruiza Ismael,
Mark Anthony  Jaime,
Lydia Samuel

Related Institution

School of Medicine - Angeles University Foundation

Publication Information

Publication Type
Research Report


Fresh Vegetables are considered as vital nutrients of a healthy diet as they supply the body with essential supplement. The consumption of raw vegetables is the main way for transmission of parasitic organisms

This study was aimed at determining the presence and distribution of parasitic contamination in fresh vegetables sold in Pampang public market in Angeles City. In this descriptive study, a total of 50 fresh vegetable samples were collected from the pampang public market. The samples were microscopically examined for detection of parasitic life forms using standardized parasitological techniques for protozoans and helminthes worms.

Of the 50 fresh vegetable samples, 29 (58%) were microscopically positive for parasites. Remarkably, high level of contamination in fresh vegetable samples was recorded in watercress 100% (5/5) while tomato, lettuce, radish, green onion and pechay 805 (4 of 5) of samples were infested. Only 40 % (2 of 5 ) of celery and green pepper samples were infested. However, for carrots and radish, there were no parasites.


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