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The protective effects of glutathione on isoniazidrifampicin induced hepatotoxicity in rabbits.


Joseph John S. Tayag,
Ricardo Santos,
Contessa Salvador,
Bernadett A. Songco,
Flora Mae G. Sta. Ines

Related Institution

School of Medicine - Angeles University Foundation

Publication Information

Publication Type
Research Report


The effects of reduced glutathione were vastly discussed and investigated in the past few years. its protective effect against free radicals and drug metabolites is one of the highlights. In this paper, the ability of reduced glutathione (30mg/kg/wt) in preventing the development of hepatotoxicity during the time of administration of isoniazid/INH (50mg/kg/wt) and rifampicin/RPM (30mg/kg/wt) was examined on 24 male rabbits weighing 3000±500 g everyday for 7 days.


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